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Six Live HIIT Classes per week – Monday to Saturday

Stream video on demand classes anytime

Recipes, diet and nutrition suggestions

Goal focused exercise & training tips and suggestions

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Six Live HIIT Classes per Week – Monday to Saturday

Primarily bodyweight based HIIT classes – if using weights grab dumbells/books/bottles. All streamed LIVE through Zoom and then available on demand for 3 weeks. All classes are 40 minutes except Cardio Killer (30 minutes).


8AM 40 Minutes

Full Body: Upper Body Focus


8AM 40 Minutes

Full Body: Lower Body Focus


8AM 30 Minutes

Full Body & Cardio Killer


8AM 40 Minutes

Abs & Ass: Bodyweight & Resistance Band (band not necessary)


8AM 30 Minutes

Cardio Killer

Saturday Special

8AM 40 Minutes

Full Body – Noughties – Fancy Dress Optional

FREE Trial & Membership

Recipes & Nutrition

Great tasting and healthy food ideas

Recipes and advice on nutrition

How to eat to achieve fitness goals

Eat well without feeling hungry

Boost your energy & your immune system

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I am dedicated to helping people achieve their exercise and fitness goals – as part of an overall approach to healthy living. These online live classes are a a way to make this easier than ever.  I’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Email me and I will be in touch with you shortly – or use one of the other ways to contact me below.


Let me know what you think of the classes! Feedback is always helpful. And you can follow me on social media