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IELTS Task 1 Writing Lessons

Charts and Graphs

How to use these lessons:

  • Below are 3 video lessons of between 30 and 40 minutes each. Together they show you the exact process for writing an Task 1 essay about any kind of graph or chart. I do this by working through a sample question with you. If you follow my suggestions you will (I am confident) improve your IELTS writing.
  • These lessons are similar to normal classroom lessons, and I suggest watching each lesson without a break, like a normal lesson. You can then watch again, if you want to study it further.
  • There is a PDF file with a summary of key points that will be sent to you (within 24 hours) when you rent the lesson, but you do not need the PDF to use the lesson.
  • You can rent each lesson separately, but I strongly recommend renting all 3 lessons because they are connected. You should watch them in order.

You can begin by clicking on the lesson image below, or you can go to where you can rent or buy the lessons individually or as a “playlist” – together at a discounted price,

Question: Electricity usage and sources in Australia and France

Part 1: Planning Pre-exam and in the exam

In this lesson you will:
  1. Study the question and the model answer.
  2. Learn about the task structure (pre-exam planning)
  3. Learn about organisational language (pre-exam planning)
  4. Learn how to read the question carefully and plan your content to fully answer the question (in-exam planning).

Part 2: Writing the essay (A)

In this lesson you will learn:
  1. How to describe what the charts show – not repeating the question!
  2. Writing a perfect first paragraph.
  3. Language for numbers.
  4. Language for percentages.
  5. Language for periods of time.

Part 3: Writing the essay (B)

In this lesson you will learn:

  1. Language for describing change.
  2. Language for comparing.
  3. Sentence building: how to write great sentences with no mistakes.
  4. Putting it all together in the model answer.
  5. Reviewing the strategy to get your best score – every time.

Writing Task 1:
A discuss and give your opinion question.

Part 1: Planning: pre-exam and in the exam