Weight and Diet


Weight and Diet

Amaze yourself! Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Do you want to improve your diet permanently? My weight management and diet programme enables you to make lasting changes without resorting to faddish diets that don’t work in the medium term – never mind the long term.

Over two thirds of British adults are overweight, one third are obese, and 4 million people have type 2 diabetes (forecast to rise to 5 million within ten years. Excess weight also plays a major role in other chronic diseases such as heart disease.

Yet many people find it difficult to change their diet. This is where I can help you. Many weight plans or diets will tell you what to do (e.g. Don’t eat cakes!) – but most don’t tell you how to do it. And they don’t offer support. This integrated plan does exactly that – and helps you to make a permanent change as painlessly as possible.

How can I change my diet and be happy?

This programme is unusual in that it combines what to do (i.e. foods we should eat) with how to it (the strategies for change). Many people know what they should do to eat more healthily, but find it very difficult to do it long term: I guide you through this process: a journey that everyone can make successfully.

You learn about the strategies, you practice them, you give feedback and receive support to help sustain your effort. Together we can change your diet – one meal at a time.

The programme is based on cutting out (or at least down!) the harmful foods that many people rely on – particularly refined sugar.

This alone will usually lead to dramatic change – not only in weight and body shape, but also in energy levels, self-esteem and well being.

Beyond this, you learn about the benefits of eating a wholefood, mainly plant based diet, without the processed food, saturated fats and refined carbohydrates that lead to weight gain, illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, and a general reduction in your quality of life.

And as you change your eating habits you will feel increasingly happy with the changes and lose the desire to return to the old ways. You will grow to love your new habits.

But don’t worry: you are in control of the whole process. You only go as far as you want down this road – it is not a case of all or nothing. Steps in the right direction lead to massive improvements in wellbeing.

I recommend that you take 8 sessions – with the occasional later follow up.

It is possible to take this programme individually, or in small groups of up to four at my clinic in Blackburn. It can also be taken online using Skype or Facetime, from anywhere in the world.

Can I change successfully and happily?

Yes, you can. Whatever your current eating pattern, and no matter for how long you have been practising this pattern – you can make a change? Do you believe this? Do you think that you can enjoy life without cake (or at least without so much)? Do you think you can lose weight and keep it off whilst loving your food?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions – don’t worry! This is a normal reaction to the thought of changing a habit.

In the programme I will guide you through a series of strategies that will help you to change your habits – to replace the self-destructive and unhelpful ones with more helpful and positive ones that will enable you to eat well, to enjoy your food, and to have the weight you want.

We can all benefit from the multiple benefits with brings: energy, avoiding type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, self-esteem, enhanced mood, and a confidence that we can carry these new self-management skills in to other areas of our lives.

What kind of thing will I learn?

You will be introduced to relaxation training, mindfulness techniques, self-hypnosis to help you visualise implementing and enjoying the changes, and cognitive (thinking) and behavioural strategies to change your emotions, thinking and behaviour around food.

You learn to control yourself – to be responsible for your own eating and weight. This definitely does not involve blaming the food manufacturers, our genetic make-up, or the layout of the chocolate counters in the supermarkets. Just the opposite. It involves realising that we – each one of us – has within us the power to take control of our eating., and consequently our weight.

How does it work?

The course consists of several elements that reinforce each other.

We have 4 core strategies that will learn and then practice between sessions. These are:

  • Mindfulness / relaxation
  • Learning about food / weight / diet.
  • Self-hypnosis (particularly visualisation of changed behaviour and the body, weight and diet goals)
  • Cognitive / Behavioural strategies (these can be introduced in the session and then practised between sessions and sometimes rehearsed using self-hypnosis). These include food diaries / setting SMART goals and recording progress, developing and practising coping statements / identifying trigger situations and developing alternative responses / motivational interviewing and enhancement and many more.

All of these core strategies are evidence-based: that is, research shows that they are effective in enabling people to implement change.

Each week additional elements relating to these strategies will be introduced and you will be encouraged to try them and see which are most effective for you.

Feedback from the previous week is very important. Everyone has a different background and personality so different strategies are more effective with different people. Feedback and reflection enables the programme to be tailored for you – enhancing what works best, and dropping elements that don’t work so well. During the course you are welcome to contact me at any time for advice or support when you are finding things difficult – I am committed to helping you achieve your goals.

In total, this programme will enable you to make the changes that you want: to achieve your personal weight loss diet goals. You will be amazed at the benefits that will directly flow to other areas of your life – and you will learn skills that you can actively apply for still greater change.

These changes can be made by absolutely everyone – no exceptions. I will guide you through the process and, I hope, you will enjoy the journey to a more active, healthier, more joyful life.

I look forward to helping you succeed.